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C&M Ostomy Supplies takes great pride in providing quality, effective, innovative solutions to help ostomates overcome daily obstacles and increase the quality of life for you and your loved ones.

    “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” 
    Albert Einstein

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Colo-Majic® Flushable Liners   Colo-Majic Product Change Notice
A revolutionary product which brings freedom of movement and an expanded lifestyle to ostomates. Live, work and travel with more confidence and less stress by simplifying the ostomy care process. JUST FLUSH IT AWAY!

Pouch Covers
Custom designed to give comfort as well as self-confidence for a better body image. Products are designed for people of all ages: seniors, adults and children, suiting both genders.

Stoma Gard
Patented Pouch Protectors provide freedom from the fear of accidental contact. Gards vary from Sport Gards™, Shower Gards™, Swim Gards™, Stoma Gards™,  Hernia Gards™ and many more.

Pouch Support Belts
The Pouch Support is an ostomy appliance belt for positively supporting and concealing an ostomy pouch and does not interfere with the functions of the ostomy appliance.

Stoma Cup 
Eliminates the need to use one hand to hold any absorbent on your stoma after showering!  May be used to protect your stoma during bathing or showering!

Dry Pro™ 
The world's only true waterproof body protection with the patented vacuum seal.  The vacuum seal will keep your ostomy appliance completely dry.

Cuddly Wrap 
The Cuddly Wrap is a pull-up lycra wrap with an inside pocket that holds the pouch in a vertical or horizontal position for a snug fit against the body.

Swimmers Wrap 
The swimmers wrap is made of lycra material and will snug the pouch to the body inside a pocket.


"These liners have changed my life! What a tremendous difference the liners make. I have regained my freedom & independence. I'm finding out that the world is still out there, better than ever. I can't thank you enough for advising me to try the liners. Now, I won't leave home without them and nothing stops me now. Thank you for your dedication to improving the quality of life for ostomates." Christine Hill, Ostomate, USA.

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